Monday, August 15, 2011

Budding blogger : Anamika

Meet Anamika of Taste Junction in the Budding blogger series this week

She says -

Hi, I'm Anamika, an Indian by birth and soul. I am an advertising professional on a sabbatical, busy raising my 2 year old hyperactive son, while travelling and moving countries with my husband, and in the process setting up new place to live everywhere I go.Though a foodie for as long I remember, yet the comforts of being with family rarely brought me to kitchen. It was only when we moved to Dubai and had to live and cook independently, that I was thrown into the deep waters. Thankfully so, because it gave me something to cherish, to enjoy. I love to see the expression on the face of my son, husband and family and friends (in that order) when they enjoy my meal. Presently I'm in Bahrain and getting used to the slower life out here.

Taste Junction is my way of exploring the changing styles of a modern Indian kitchen. It would have not just lovely Indian recipes, with focus on North Indian (that's where I am from), but would share some tasty dishes from all over the world. And that's why the name Taste Junction, a meeting ground, a melting pot of different flavours and aromas. But baking would form a great part of it, for sure since that's my current love.

While getting my way around in the kitchen, I'm also trying to learn the ropes of photography, food photography. I really like to see well photographed and well written posts. Yes I like a bit of writing too, samples of which you can see on my page - Scribbles. Other than that I'm a regular simple girl, who likes to travel, shop, read, eat chocolates, get gifts and basically all the simple pleasures of life.

Though all my blog posts & recipes are dear to me, yet I would like to share few of my favorites with you . Chocolate lava cake, Tomato Tart, Chocolate shortbread fingers, Hyderabadi baghara baingan, Spinach spaghetti and Waldorf salad. Hope you like it too!!

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