Sunday, May 8, 2011

Palak Laccha paratha


1 cup wheat flour
1 cup chopped spinach
Salt to taste

Put the chopped spinach in a vessel and heat it by covering it with a lid. In a few minutes, the spinach will get cooked and greener. Cool and grind it to a fine paste. Add salt to the wheat flour mix well and add the spinach paste to make a soft dough. Add water as required. Keep covered for 15 minutes. Knead again and make balls. Dust with flour and roll into a thick chapati. Spread some ghee and some flour over it and fold it like a handfan in pleats. Then roll it into a round and seal the edge by pressing it in the center.

Dust with flour and roll into thick parathas and cook on hot tava with oil/ghee till brown spots appear on both sides. Serve hot with some spicy sidedish.
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