Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Budding blogger : Sonia

Meet Sonia of Dinner recipes from Sonia’s Kitchen in the Budding Blogger series.

She says : 

I am freelance writer with zest for creating some good food. I was born in Chandigarh and since the time I have had basic sense to understand I have only heard praise for my mother’s culinary skills.

She cooks some amazing recipes with simple ingredients available at home. No fancy colors or no fancy masalas. I think it is in the genes and I have definitely inherited some good food sense from her. Her advice has been that to cook good food you need to have patience and passion as she says in “Dil laga ke Khana banao” and it will come out good.

My venture into food blogging was by accident. I was working in Gurgaon while being married to a software professional. When my husband got a job in Boston, I started doing some freelance writing work to help with the finances and also to keep myself busy in the US. It is while doing the freelance work I got several assignments to write recipes for food blogs. It is then I got the idea of starting my own food blog and of course mom helped. She has this list of 200 odd recipes which she has sent to me and told me cook and write on those. I am sure it is like Mom’s challenge and encouragement to me.

Another plus with being a food blogger is that you can then make friends with some amazing food bloggers from India and other parts of the world that it is worth investing time and money into this.

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