Friday, April 29, 2011

Broken corn dosa


1 cup blackgram dal (urad dal)
2 cups broken corn kernels (cornmeal)
Salt to taste
Oil as reqd

Soak the dal for 1/2 hour. Soak the broken corn kernels in warm water for an hour. Grind the dal till smooth paste and then add corn kernels. Grind again for a few minutes. Add salt as required. Ferment the batter for 4-5 hours.

Heat the tava and spread a ladle full of batter to make dosa. Put a few drops of oil and cook till crisp. Serve hot with side dish of your choice.

* The batter is same like broken corn idli.

* The dosas are very crisp as compared to normal dosas when made thin and soft if make thick

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