Thursday, March 17, 2011

Budding blogger: Raksha Kamat

Meet Raksha of Raksha's Kitchen in the Budding blogger series..

She says - 

I am a software professional with a full time job and a mother to a 2 yr old daughter. I believe that we should make time for ourself and our hobbies. I am born and brought up in a joint family of a cool place named Goa. A typical joint family comprising 25 people.

I never cooked food of any type before my marraige as my mom and aunts never allowed me and my cousins to enter the kitchen. A few days before my marraige I learnt a little bit of cooking and I noted down a few things. My mom was very worried as what will I cook and what will I feed my hubby.

Soon after marraige I got settled in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore. My hubby being a complete foodie always encouraged me to cook. Initially he helped me cook. At that time he knew cooking much much better than me. Gradually, I develped interest in cooking. I started reading lots of cook books and viewing Khana Khazana and other cooking shows on TV.

I used to experiment all that I learnt on my hubby and he never critised me. He used to become happy and his happiness encouraged me to cook better. It has been 5 years since I am married and I am proud that I learnt a lot of things and have become a very good cook. I started my food blog which is hardly 1 month old.

This new world of blogging has encouraged me to try out new recipies and to exhibit my talent. I also get to learn a lot of things from fellow bloggers. Cooking has become a passion for me since the day I started blogging.

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