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Super blogger Sunday: Sandhya of Sandhya's kitchen

This week's featured blogger in Super blogger series is a first in a way that she was the first one to be featured as a Budding blogger in Sept 2009 when the series was started.....Meet Sandhya of Sandhya's kitchen who has come a long way from being featured as a Budding blogger to the Super blogger series..She is nearing 2 years of blogging and her continued stint in blogging has seen her posting different varieties and beautiful pictures..Read more about her
EC: Tell us something about yourself

Sandhya: Thank u Ec for this lovely opportunity ..Glad to get featured in the same place where I was first featured as a budding blogger.

My Blog baby sandhya's kitchen is turning 2 years ( growing into a toddler) by May this year..Its been a great journey throughout. Got myself an identity among friends n relatives...

My writing skills , photography and above all cooking skills have scaled drastically.. Every post brings a new definition to my creativity !! I try posting once a week.. This gives me my space in balancing time for my family n blogging. 3 years since I have been off work , but I m on 24*7 on the go with Lil V.

I m managing 2 other blogs , One is on my lil one Vedant which is quite personal.I have been recording his activities over a period of time and drafting them into posts. Tats when I started blogging. The other budding blog I m working on is HELP ME BLOGGING : This blog entirely features on posts how to improve / enhance your blogs .

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ?? Blogs that were an inspiration to you during your initial blogging days.

Sandhya : I started Sandhya's Kitchen to make a note of recipes from the family for my own reference. Slowly wanted to improvise it with a few pics.. But now it has become my full fledged hobby working for it .

Aah... There are quite a few blogs that have been my inspiration..

Meeta's Whats for lunch Honey . This blog has been something tat I have always loved reading and admiring for pictures.. Would be really excited the day Meeta visits my blog and leaves her verdict!!

Gordon Ramsay ..Love his presentation skills in tele programs..

EC: How much technical knowledge does one need for a neat and organised blog ?

Sandhya: Not much really !! Just basic knowledge .. Having working experience in IT , one wud definitely use it up where-ever possible.. Tats exactly what I hav done in my space. My blog Help me Blogging is an end result of this . Wherever I have had the need to search for gadgets / applications to enhance my blog or whenever I have encountered problems, I would end up drafting them in notepads with solutions. Now they are turning into posts..

EC : What do you feel are necessary for sustained blogging ?

Sandhya: Regular blog updating . Visit other blogs and leave comments. Facebook acquaintance.

EC: The pictures on your blog are beautiful..pls share some tips on food photography

Sandhya : Thank u.... :) I m still on a learning curve... My Canon 500 D is my companion .... I use both my lens : 18-55mm , 55-255mm . A new member to do them best is my Tripod...

I always click pics in Daylight . For the last 6 Months , I have started appreciating this and find a class apart standard in pics clicked in day light and any other time of the day. Just cannot click pics past dawn anymore.

Use white backgrounds like ur white duvet / dinning cloth , white thermocol for reflectors ,

Setting: use Manual mode ,minimum ISO and increase the capture time like 1/8th of sec - 1 sec ... For this you definitely need a Tripod.

EC: You have baked a lot..which is the recipe that would you suggest for a first timer and some tips on baking

Sandhya : Baking has been my newly fond passion.. I would suggest the Fairy Cup cake Recipe . Something tat most of my guests love .... Very easy.. and You will get them right.

Tips on Baking :

Always measure right.. There is no approximate measurement here.

For eggless baking , use Yogurt - an excellent replacer. I m in love with Silken tofu - they are fantastic replacers...

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Sandhya : Its Sev Puri ....

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