Friday, January 14, 2011

Budding blogger: Latha

Meet Latha of Latha's Kitchen in this week's budding blogger segment

She says --

I love cooking, trying out new recipes. I have 2 kids who are quite fussy with food which pushes me to try out new recipes to interest them. I have been browsing different recipe blogs for the past 1 year and have just started my own blog since last month (December 2010). Though i try out different cuisines, I have updated my blog with only those dishes whose recipes are passed down from my mother, mother-in-law and my aunts. Once I exhaust with all these recipes, I shall update the recipes I try out sourced from the net.

I'm from Bangalore, hence I know to prepare traditional Karnataka recipes, which I update in my blog as and when I prepare them, which is quite often. Other than than, since my roots are from Andhra/Tamil nadu border, I have been taught to prepare Andhra dishes as well. So, my blog contains Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil nadu cuisines. I have used simplified methods and short cuts in most of my recipes since it is easier when managing 2 school going kids. Please go through my blog, feel free to put forward queries if any and you are welcome to put in your suggestions and advice in it.

Looking forward to meet you on my blog.

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