Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super blogger Sunday : Jayanthi of Tasty Appetite

Meet Jay aka Jayanthi of Tasty Appetite blog in the Super blogger sunday series..She has a collection of more than 250 recipes and her blog is a neat and uncluttered one. She also presents her recipes with beautiful pictures and a small description about it..With all these the reader is sure to get hooked on to her blog ..Read more about her...

EC: Tell us something about yourself and your blog

Jayanthi: I started my married life as a student. Then completed my Masters’ and Philosophy in Chemistry. Worked as College Lecturer, turned as Home Executive and Mom of two cute kids & managing all  family affairs, since my dear Hubby is busy with his profession.

In my leisure time, choose to make a record of my recipes, end up in blogging. Now blogging has become a daily event, inspired by the comments of friends, getting more confident, and on and on…..

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging 

Jayanthi: When I googled in search of new tasty recipes to delight my family, come across many of the food bloggers space.

Really amazed with their presentation and interesting recipes. In specific, I can say Spicy Tasty and Simple Indian Food.

EC:  Do you think blogging has widened your perspective and exposure?

Jayanthi: Certainly, even though we know the things, when we get acceptance and recognition from others, it gives us sense of satisfaction & excitement that fuels us for further findings.

Blogging has given me lot of friends and am getting more exposure. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their support and love..
Thank you Friends..:)

EC:  How do you think new bloggers can make their blogs popular

Jayanthi: The first thing is :

The blog should be simple with easy language, practical & self-explanatory with good clicks.
Do not leave anything for guess.
You do it and write your experience of do's and dont 's.

EC: You have posted more than 250 recipes till now..How do you manage to cook so much and what are your recipe sources ?

Jayanthi : As I said earlier, I focus on Indian especially South Indian dishes, which we commonly prepare at home. I posted my recipes over a period of time, which are tasted & enjoyed more at home by my family members.

My main sources of recipes are from my Mom and Mother-in-law.

EC:  Anything interesting that you encountered with after you started blogging

Jayanthi: If my DH is with me, he will make every moment as a interesting one...
And I can specify one moment, when I saw my blog has been selected as one of the best food blogs in Top 10 food blogs recently...:)

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Jayanthi: My favorite recipe list will be endless. ..the top among them is Vegetable Biryani.

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