Friday, December 17, 2010

Home of the Gingies ~ Vesi Koleva

Meet the Gingies - 9 mm tall cookies from Gingieland :) They live in a tiny gingerbread house and play in the snow the whole day accompanied by a few marzipan snowmen, until they get tired and go to their gingie beds.

They enjoy their slide ...

... and their merry-go-round (which is actually spinning!)

Use a truffle to play football ...

And like to take pictures just for fun. Say 'cheese' little snowmen!

This one is eating ice cream and just enjoying the weather :)

... aah, they fight sometimes ...

But as a whole are very cute and merry creatures.

I think we shouldn't forget the pretty vegetation around, of which the Gingies take care themselves ...

Another interesting thing is their little chocolate gingie post in which they receive some gingie news. This is how I will notify them they were published in my blog.

I hope they enjoy the news :)

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