Thursday, September 30, 2010

Budding blogger : Preeti

Meet Preeti of Ising Cakes and More

She says -

I am a Marathi, living in UK, working in a school full time and mad about different kinds of arts. I am a mother of a lovely boy who loves food and interior designing, although he is just 11 years old.

I believe, seeking both my profession and my passion at the same time has enabled me to balance me in my life. I love my job working in a special needs school and learning new form of art is my passion .Cooking had never been a part of me until, the day I landed up in our England’s kitchen. Meeting my son’s demands and my hubby’s likings discovered a cook in me.My parent’s recent visit to UK helped me discover a bit more about cooking…especially the baking and the cake decorating part. I baked cakes, decorated cakes, served cakes, ate cakes, sang about cakes and now I love cakes…hence my blog…..isingcakes! This blog is a collection of my passion, my hobbies, my crazes and all my experiences as I learn and apply . I will be sharing all my culinary collections in Sweet n Savoury section of my blog. My artistic flair will be shared through Different Strokes and last but not the least all my baking and cake decoration will be in the Isingcakes section.

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