Thursday, August 19, 2010

Budding blogger: Suneetha

Meet Suneetha of Suneetha's kitchen..

She says-

Hi all..I am Suneetha Pidikiti......turned as Suneetha Vadlamudi after marriage...

Welcome to my blog

I am a new cooking blogger.I am in California,United State and basically from Andhra Pradesh,India.I am working as a software engineer,can't find time to cook more,but still love to cook,So I plan weekend to try new recipes..

Until Coming to USA..I don't know much cooking but later it became a passion to me.My Husband is a chef by profession and is my best critic.To get his upto mark taste i try hard to give my best in cooking..

Will watch lot of cooking shows and try my own recipes too...Good thing is most of them turned out good.

I used to take pics of my experimented recipes..and friends used to ask my recipes over phone..they tried and liked it is due to my frnds and family i have started this blog recently in this month.

I am new born baby in world of cooking bloggers.So Please give ur advices and comments so that i will improve my self..thanks my dear bloggers..Good luck to u all

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