Sunday, August 15, 2010

Budding blogger: Poonam

Meet Poonam from Kishmeesh blog

She says - I know i am supposed to write an introduction for the blog, the objective etc,
But Honestly,if you ask me what makes me Be HERE, What makes me Blog, then I wuld say.. I don’t know….I really don’t know…. !! Because blogging is all About writing, and I don’t like writing, Infact I feel the most annoying and frustrating task for me is to write!!!!!!!!Sometimes I have these weird bottled up thoughts…of Outsourcing writing for my blog…. !!! And then it makes me wonder is Blogging so necessary?.............may be for some weird unexplored reasons…….Need to explore the unexplored!

Or may be… I just wanted to say `Hi~ to all of you..(and my wuld be Friends)……and also let you know that I am here,!!

I guess I have written enough, can that not stand as an Introduction?.....then Let the introduction come from you!!!

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