Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Budding blogger: Chitra

Budding blogger series introduces new bloggers (those blogging for less than a year) every wednesday and promotes their blogs through Simple Indian Food. If you are interested in being a part of this series, please mail me a short description about your blog, the cuisine you specialize and your objective/inspiration in blogging to

Meet Chitra from The ABCD's of Cooking blog this week on budding blogger series. Her blog has a complete mix of several Indian and International vegetarian recipes..Dont miss out the Papaya lassi (at least I had never heard of it before) on her blog..Here is what Chitra has to say about herself and her blog-

My food blog is called the ABCD's of Cooking (ABCD = American Born Confused Desi). My cooking, like ABCD, is a hodgepodge of sorts - all vegetarian, a lot of South and North Indian, other influences from the US and around the world and recipes I've collected along the way.

I was brought up in the US by a South Indian mother and a North Indian father who both love to cook. As a result, my cooking has influence from their two regions in India, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, and is also reflective of my American upbringing and interest in vegetarian cuisine from around the world. I also have a close knit group of friends and family that enjoy cooking so over the years we have exchanged a number of different recipes and in addition, I love to travel and have collected recipes on my various trips. This blog is a diary of my recipes, travel experiences and memories growing up.

Hope you enjoy.

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