Monday, November 2, 2009

WYF:Specialty food event announcement

Thanks for participating in WYF:Light Meal event..The roundup would be up in a day or two..Meanwhile, this month's theme is Specialty food.

Tirunelveli halwa, Srivilliputtur Pal khova, Maddur vada, Hyderabadi Biriyani, Agra petha, Pushkar ka Malpua, Tirupati Ladoo, Lucknow ke chaat, Mumbai ke vada pav, Kolkatta ke Rosgulla and so on...every region has its own specialty dish..Be it Indian or International..This month lets have a collection of specialty recipes across states/country at one place so that everyone gets an easy access to such recipes..So, let us know how to cook ur favourite specialty dish from ur region all through this month

As always, the rules remain the same -

1) After posting your recipe on your blog, please link it back to this announcement and add the logo if possible. In case you wish to send some dish that you have posted earlier, please repost it with the link to the event and the logo. Please restrict the number of entries to three.

*** Adding the event announcement link is a must in your post and also reposting in case of archives.

2) Please post only vegetarian recipes for the event since this is a 100% Vegetarian blog. No eggs please. If you are a non-blogger, you can mail me the recipe and the picture.

3) Mail me the following details -

** Please follow the same order in your mails as it helps a lot during the roundup

Subject: WYF: Specialty food,

Your name:
Blog name:
Dish name:
Link to the post:
For archived entries, the reposted link:

to by 30th November '09. I will pick up the picture from your neednt send it. The roundup would be published during the first week of December.

Looking forward to your participation in the event.

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