Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Blogger Sunday: Padma rekha of Plantain Leaf

Meet Padma Rekha of Plantain Leaf (Andhra recipes) blog this week at Super Blogger sunday series. She attributes the drastic changes in her style of writing and food photography to her objective of coming up with a recipe book. You can look forward to some traditional Andhra recipes and also some interesting International cuisines on her blog apart from other regional cuisines.

EC: Tell us something about yourself

Padma: I am a home maker and cooking is my hobby, profession and interest. I have been blogging since May 2008 and my blog is one and half year old. Actually I wanted to write a book on Andhra traditional cooking from a long time and to collect all my Andhra recipes in one place, I started this blog. However in the past one and half years I have seen many bloggers more talented than me. I am working on that project with traditional Andhra recipes. Hoping to finish it soon.

I love to learn more about cuisines and consider it as a big ocean. What I learnt in this ocean is just a drop and there is so much more to explore - it is to be seen how much I get to learn.

My other hobbies are travelling, crafts and yoga. I am a person who believes in God. I have one more blog Yatra, where I write about my holiday tours and devotional, though not frequently. My main concentration is on my food blog.

EC: Who and what inspired you to start food blogging ?? Which is the most inspiring food blog ?

Padma: Nobody inspired me to start this blog. Its my interest in cooking and my cooking book. Also I wanted to explore Andhra cuisine in an easy way.

After I started my blog I got inspiration from so many bloggers and my culinary skills have also improved a lot.

EC: You have tried out in all more than 400 recipes- a lot of International recipes as well as explored various Indian cuisines..Which is your personal favourite cuisine among them ?

Padma: Yes I have more than 400 recipes in my blog. Andhra cuisine is my all time favorite. Other than that I like all Indian cuisines and also French and Italian.

EC: What are your sources for recipes ? Do you follow the recipes exactly as given or make changes to it ?

Padma: Most of my Andhra recipes are from my Mom, my grandmothers, aunts and some fusion recipes are from my sister. Few recipes I tried from cook books (I have a good collection of cooking books) and TV cookery shows which is the only program I watch on TV. Most of the other Indian recipes are from my friends - all of them tried and tested. After I started my blog I tried some from my fellow bloggers too. Some times I make changes to the original recipe, but most of the recipes I follow as it is.

EC: You have been baking a lot too..Any tips of baking ?

Padma: Yes I just love baking. Weekly once I bake some bread, cookies and tea cakes. Correct measurement and time is very important in baking.

EC : What have you learnt after you started blogging..Tell us what changes blogging brought about in your life

Padma: I learnt so many things after I started my blog. Mainly, I learnt about writing a perfect recipe (according to that I am changing my recipe style now and you can see more improvements in my blog within few days) and food photography(I have to still improve). So my blog has become a part of my life.

EC: Your favourite vegetarian recipe

Padma: Since I am a food lover I have a big list of my favorite foods. In that list, Rice comes first and any mixed rice like Andhra pulihora is my all time favorite.

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