Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm a Mommy Now!!

Hey folks! Many of you have inquired about my recent disappearance from the blogging scene, asking me if everything is alright - well, thanks for all your concerns. I'm proud and happy to share some great news with you - We were blessed with a beautiful angel on July 20th, as she entered our lives and conquered our hearts! She's 10 days old now, and all of us, including Daddy, are doing fine:) We are getting adjusted to each other's routines, though 99% of the times, she's the boss!!:)D (image credit- redbubble)

So, how am I feeling? well, its like a roller-coaster ride - one day I feel so down and depressed my DH fears I'll fall victim to PPD:), and the next day I am all vibrant and happy - so its a mixed bag of emotions, but one look at her angelic face and its all GOOD!! Motherhood is indeed a wholesome and fulfilling experience, and we are thankful to God for this blessing! I personally thank all of my blog friends too who kept inquiring about my health all this time - and also for your best wishes.

I'm recovering well, and simply enjoying this time of being a new mom, gazing at our bundle of joy. My mom's here, so that's a great help! But I do have loads of stuff to share and blog about, so be rest assured, you'll see some activity on this space soon!!

Till then, Happy Cooking!!

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