Thursday, May 28, 2009

Announcing Sugar High Fridays - Fruit & Nut

Ok, Summer is here, and so is the time to whip up some cool and refreshing desserts! This month, Fun and Food is proud to host the SHF June 2009, with the theme of "Fruit & Nut" Sugar High Fridays, or SHF, was started by Jennifer a long time ago, and has been passing through hosts and roundups for some wonderful sweet delicacies. Fran just finished posting about the Gluten-free SHF Roundup, and now its my turn! This time, I ask you to get creative with your summer fruits, combine them with nuts, and whip up something equally delicious, then send it right over. But first things first, so take a moment to check out some basic rules:

Rules for Participation:

1. You can make any dessert you want, as long as it contains 1 Fruit and 1 Nut at the least.

2. Send your entries to with subject line SHF-June, and please include a link back to this announcement or homepage. Please send your entries in English only, or with a link to the page which has English translation on your blog. Re-size your pictures to 200x200px. The deadline for sending in your entries is June 25th 2009.

3. Archived posts are allowed, but only if they are republished during the event period. Also, please limit upto a maximum of 2 entries per blog.

4. The roundup will be posted on the last Friday of June (26th June), so come back and make sure your entry is a part of the mega-roundup.

5. Non-Bloggers are welcome to email me their recipes, and I'll surely include them in the roundup as well.

So what are you waiting for? This one should be simple, and outright fun, for home-cooks and chiseled cooks alike! Beat the Summer heat by making cool desserts, or go for the traditional baked goodies. Whatever you choose, make sure its "High on Sugar" and send it right in! I look forward to all your wonderful entries!

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