Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Finds For Eco-Friendly and Stylish Entertaining

Playing a host is supposed to be as fun and fulfilling for the hosts as the guests, and entertaining does not have to be burdensome at any time! As we move into warmer weather, spring and summer collections are everywhere, be it clothes or home decor, so why not change your entertaining styles too! As they say, variety is the spice of life! So whether you are looking for ideas to entertain a large crowd, or host a simple dinner or cocktail party with friends and family, check out these cool, stylish and eco-friendly hostess collections that are ideal for the sunny weather and also the upcoming Earth Day!

As Earth Day is around the corner (April 22nd), I thought it would be great to look at some "green entertaining" deals. There are several alternatives to paper plates and cups, and one of the hot favorites is the elegant-looking Veneerware party supplies from Bambu, which is made from 100% organically-grown bamboo and will biodegrade within 4-6 months of disposal. Co-ordinate these with the stylish bamboo vases from jamaligarden that work great as centerpieces, or even to hold veggies or breadsticks!

And if you are looking for that splash of color that catches the eye, these hand-colored woven fruit baskets available in shades of green, red, orange, chocolate and olive are a fun addition to your kitchen or living room, and it's multi-faceted to be used to hold anything from food to papers to plants! Crate & Barrel offers some fusion dining options in earth tones of green, brown, olive and mocha in glossy and semi-matte glazes for that rich ethnic feel!

This wonderful spring dishware with matching placemats are all about going green and welcoming spring right into your house. With the vibrant christhaneum motifs on classic white porcelain, these dishes(not totally eco-friendly though) are ideal to serve appetizers and salads! The stylish spring placemats ($3.95) only add to the beauty of your table setting. If you are going for the more modern look for spring, try these amulet-placemats that can do with any dishes and come for only 99c!! Rosanna's carries a range of eclectic collection for mugs, plates and bowls.

Most of us try to use disposable serving-ware for larger parties. But disposable does not mean it can't reflect your acute sense of design or your values! Great hip colors, wonderfully designed shapes great for party and picnic use, these biodegradable and disposable tableware is sure to suit your style and budget. Available in bright green, aqua blue, rich red, and salmon pink, this set is great for summer parties and picnics! To really bring the spring into your house, add these miniature bio-degradable egglings ($7.99 from amazon)as part of your decor; they are not only pretty, but you can actually grow tiny herbs in them without much effort.

You don't need to spend a fortune to entertain in style; with these spring findings that are stylish and affordable, you can surely host a party that's both chic and green. And this Earth Day, make an effort to go eco-friendly if you can!

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