Thursday, April 24, 2008

Raspberry Lassi (Smoothie)

Last week we witnessed temperatures peaking at 90, and my gym is suddenly so full of people trying to get into shape for the beach that there's no doubt in my mind that summer is definitely here! And that means more sun, more barbecues and more cool and refreshing drinks. We celebrated the onset of summer with the luscious Rasperry Lassi, which is a fancy name for a smoothie or yoghurt cooler. Lassi is a traditional Indian yogurt drink which originated from the state of Punjab. Its more like a thick-shake, but with yoghurt and milk. Over time, the basic recipe underwent a makeover with addition of fruits and other flavors. Everyone is familiar with the Mango Lassi, which you must have seen on several restaurant menus. But this Raspberry Lassi is a class apart, because the tartness of the raspberry works perfect blended with the yoghurt, and it looks so pretty you can serve it as a light dessert too!

I used fresh raspberries and pureed them in a blender, then passed it through a colander/sieve to remove the seeds. You can use fresh fruits or ready-made raspberry sauce. Other interesting and tasty variations would be mangoes or strawberries. For now, this raspberry delight is on its way to Dee who's hosting this month's AFAM-Raspberries event!

2 cups plain or vanilla yoghurt
1 cup milk
6-8 ice cubes
3/4 cup raspberry puree
3 tbsp sugar(or more if needed)

Make sure the raspberry puree does not have seeds in it. Strain it through a sieve to remove seeds as much as possible. A few tiny seeds here and there are fine.

Add the ice cubes to a blender cup and crush to form powder.

Now mix all the remaining ingredients in a blender with the ice and power on the blend or puree setting till everything is uniformly combined.

Pour in tall glasses and garnish with more fresh raspberries. Serve the Raspberry Lassi chilled and fresh, and raise a toast to the beginning of summer!

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