Friday, January 4, 2008

Teatro ZinZanni - The Ultimate in Dining Experience

When we think of splurging a fortune on food, lights and dazzle, we think of Las Vegas. The spectacular shows and the electrifying atmosphere that this city offers is truly amazing. But what if I tell you that now you can experience these at a place closer to you, and without spending a whole lot of fortune? That will get you interested, right! Welcome to the world of Teatro ZinZanni and prepare to be enchanted! A world where dreams and reality converge, magic and mystery are believable, and all your senses are bound to be satiated in a period of 3-4 hours!! Launched in 1998 by One Reel's Norman Lagill, Teatro ZinZanni now has 2 permanent locations, Seattle's historic Belltown District and the Waterfront location of Pier 39 off Embarcadero in the glittering city of San Francisco. Choose either of these, and you are promised an evening of adventure, sensuality, european cabaret, cirque and excitement, all under a large and gorgeous Belgian "Spiegeltent", and served with a sumptous 5-course meal.

Teatro ZinZanni breaks new artistic territory with a unique and intoxicating blend of interactive theater, spectacle, fine arts and fine dining. Once you enter the tent, it looks like you are attending a family wedding. The soft mood is created by beautifully placed circular tables, adorned with simple tapestry, flowers and flickering candles. The seats are pre-assigned, but you can request to have a table closer to the center of the tent, and right next to the performers. The gourmet-style 5-course Menu(link attached below) keeps changing, but there's plenty to choose from, even for vegetarians or vegans, starting with Appetizers, Soup, Salad, an Entree, followed by the Dessert and a house-special, custom-roasted Caffee Vita! You can inform them in advance about your food allergies and they'll prepare a special meal just for you! Yes, everyone here takes an extra step to make your experience a truly memorable one. Some of the highlights include Baked Ravioli-Filled with Roasted Autumn Vegetables Cashew Basil-Pesto, Roasted Chicken Breast with Pork and Mission Fig Stuffing and desserts like Molten Valrhona Chocolate Cake.

Describing a little about the shows, it's like a bewitching evening of European Cabaret and Cirque, Divas and Madmen, Spectacle and Sensuality combined with Live Music. The Cirque is as splendid as the actual Cirque De Soleil in Las Vegas, and they have the best artists in every field, be it dance, acrobats, comedy or cabaret. We were spellbound by the theatrics, and seriously, I think I've used all the superlatives that I know of and yet nothing can capture the essence of this experience as witnessing it live! It's truly one of the best dining and theater experiences in San Francisco.

And now for the price that you pay for this experience. The general admission costs $104 per person (which includes the show and the gourmet meal), with a little more for Premium Seating and Special Holiday Performances. I think it's a small price to pay for a lifetime experience, and definitely the best way to spend a special occasion. Reservations are strongly recommended, and you can get all other details on their website. I would not recommend taking your kids with you as some of the content may not be suitable for them. Also, it is advisable to attend this on weeknights and non-holiday periods for a better value for your money! It can get really over-priced during the holidays.

222 Mercer St,
Seattle (Belltown)

Pier 29/Embarcadero
San Francisco
Teatro ZinZanni

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