Friday, January 25, 2008

Egg-Cracker - No more messy egg cracking for you!!

As a person who bakes quite often, I am pathetic at cracking eggs! Seriously, I marvel when I see chefs on TV cracking eggs in a whack without any mess, in fact, with great style! Alas, though I'm a good cook, I'm not a good egg-cracker:) But now I've found this perfect solution to my problem. A kitchen gadget that makes cracking eggs so easy it's like a dream come true. I'm sure many of you must have experienced similar problems while baking. With the recipe book open at one end, and your hand stirring the mixture in the bowl, it's convenient to crack the egg on the rim of the bowl, until you see the egg white dripping from your fingers and some small flecks of shell that conveniently find their way into the batter! You can only sigh and try to remove them with a spoon, creating even more mess than you earlier imagined. So in my quest to be "stress-free" and make my baking a little "mess-free", I found this cute little Egg-cracker which does the job perfectly. I know it's not a great find, but you'll really appreciate it once you start using it and see the results:)

The Egg Cracker from Walter Drake makes cracking eggs for any purpose clean and simple. The gadget is easy to use, compact, cute and extremely easy to clean. and great for kids to help with the cooking! Simply put in the egg in the holder, tap a little, then invert and press - the yolk and whites come out in tact, and the shell is left behind, right where it's supposed to be. Also, it's easier to separate the egg yolk from the whites when it's cracked in such an organised way.

The egg-cracker is Dishwasher safe, and pretty easy to clean. No sharp curves or blades, so it's kid-friendly too; in fact, it's a great way to let your kids help with the cooking! It is small and can be stored anywhere, and fancy enough to look good on your kitchen counter. With all the comfort and convenience, this tiny gadget comes with a price tag of only $6.99!! (from Amazon) Can't beat that one, right? Combine this with any egg-separator and you have the recipe for a perfect dessert. It's simple and efficient, nothing fancy about it, but does it's job well, and that's what makes my life easy. Try it for yourself and see, then come back to share your experiences with us!

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