Thursday, October 25, 2007

Italian Orange Creme Soda

Summers are known for the vast amount of tropical fruits that flood the markets and give soothing refuge from the sweltering heat. But some of these fruits are never out of season, or especially their juices, and one such versatile fruit is the Orange. A citrus fruit rich in Vitamin-C and anti-oxidants, oranges can be consumed in any season, any weather, and can be used for making salad dressings, adding flavors to baked goods and also for giving a tangy zest to some savoury dishes. One such simple yet refreshing concoction is the Orange Creme Soda. With as little as 3 ingredients, and in less than 5 mins, you can make this beautiful yet delicious cooler that is not only tasty, but replenishes the body with healthy nutrients too!

The traditional soda just has orange syrup, cream and soda, but I modify it here to give it a twist with the addition of strawberries, and for my husband's craving of whip cream:)

1 glass carbonated water (sparkling soda)
2 tbsp orange syrup (fresh or bottled)
1 tbsp strawberry syrup
1/2 glass half-and-half cream
A few ice cubes
Whipping cream and cherries - for garnish

Drop 2 ice cubes in each of the 2 glasses. Add the orange and strawberry syrups, and fill to 2/3 with carbonated water. Now float the half-and-half cream on top. Serve chilled with a straw and stir only when ready to drink. For serving to guests, garnish with whipped cream and a cherry.

Tip: Use strawberries, raspberries or watermelon to create variations of this recipe! You can also add Vanilla Ice Cream instead of whipping cream to make Ice Cream Soda.

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