Saturday, August 11, 2007

Toastabags and Holy Toasts

Toaster is a gadget most of us use everyday in our daily lives, and now if I tell you that you can convert your toaster into a sandwich-maker, would you be kind enough to buy me lunch? And I also have something to kick-start your day in the divine presence of God, literally!!

The first gadget is ToastaBag, which is a zip-lock bag that can take in your bread, cheese and veggies, goes right inside your toaste, and voila! what comes out is a freshly-baked toasted sandwich! You can also cook pizza, bagels, pitta bread, waffles, chapattis, ciabatta, apple turnovers and much, much more! And all for under $15!! The bag can be reused for at least 300, that's a catch for the moms, execs and the kids that are always on the go! (photos courtesy )

The other mind-boggling thing that I came across on my path to seek the Holy Grail was the "Holy Toast". As you can see below, now you no longer need to practice meditation and concentration, nor wait for a miracle to try to witness God's presence. Just press your bread into the mould, pop it into a toaster and watch your toast turn into an impression of your faith. Personally, I don't know whether to call it "fascinating" or "weird", for I don't think I need such a blatant expression of my piety and faith, and I wouldn't even dream of buying something like this. But I would definitely like to hear your comments and ideas.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about these 2 new discoveries. Again, keep your feedback coming in the form of comments, and I promise to keep sharing more such inventions with you!! Check out more cool kitchen contraption under "Gagdets"

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