Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Strawberry Colada Smoothie

Nutritionists say that its best to include berries in your breakfast, and with all the supporting evidence, they can't be wrong. And though strawberries are delicious by themselves, I'd like to point out that they can taste even better with bananas, coconuts and milk, right?? Strawberries have plenty of antioxidants and vitamins that are very useful to the body. Plus, starting your day with a strawberry smoothie helps detoxify your system in the morning. So here's a healthy and refreshing Strawberry Colada smoothie to kick-start your day with a bang!!

4-5 fresh strawberries-washed and cut into 2 pieces each
3 tbsp grated coconut
2 tbsp milk
2 scoops ice
2 tsp sugar

Add all the above ingredients to a blender and blend to a frothy thick consistency. Serve immediately to refresh your senses. Pour in a tall glass and garnish with a split strawberry on the glass rim!! The strawberry-coconut smoothie is best consumed immediately.

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