Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ever thought what lies behind the Fancy Restaurant Menus?? - MUST READ!!

It's well-known that first impressions are very important, and though I don't always adhere to this popular quote, restaurant menus are one thing where I think this does prove to be a worthy measure of competence. Ok, before you start thinking that I have gone bonkers, let me explain myself. Have you recently been to an expensive restaurant and looked at a menu which is more like a decorative binder? Well, if you exercise your gray cells a bit more, you'll also recollect that most of these menus have very interesting and out-of-this-world names for their entrees like "Deep Fried Shrimp with Whipped Mashed Potatoes" (ok, I just made it up, I doubt if there can really be such an item on the menu:); but you get the meaning, right?)

I have always wondered what inspired them to come up with such intricate names, and would there be an actual set of people working towards researching and coming up with such creative names? Well, I recently got an email from an unknown friend which can shed some light onto this mystery. Apparently, these menus are famous as "Froo Froo Menus". Restaurant owners can specify their regular entrees and the generator script can use those words and combine them with other relevant names to create unique Froo Froo names!! Still don't believe me - check this out!


My personal favourites are "Rotisserie Kitten with a Cinnamon Chutney" and "Bangkok Raccoon with a Traumatic Reduction" hhahhhaaaa...I just couldn't control myself and rolled in laughter on trying out all the different combinations. Thanks Mike for sharing this with all of us!!! I hope all of you have as much fun as I did with this FrooFroo Menu Generator!!!!

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