Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About This Site

Welcome to Fun and Food, and thanks for dropping by! This is your one-stop destination for all your cooking needs, and no one says you cannot have fun while cooking! That is precisely the motto of this site: To enjoy yourself while cooking good food, and spreading the joy of culinary bliss!

The Inspiration
This site was created as an outlet for my passion for food, cooking, having fun, and sharing my knowledge with people. Everyday you come in touch with something new and exciting in the culinary world, and the chef inside you craves to take up the challenge and create something marvellous. But cooking should never be just a "chore"; it is fun and adventurous, and no matter how things go, your aim should always be to create something you and the people around you would always cherish. That's the idea behind Fun and Food. We are ready to serve you the best, and our recipes range from the basic to the most drool-worthy varieties, something for every chef, be it a novice or an expert. We care a lot about health and fitness, and have a separate section dedicated to Healthy Recipes. The sections about Restaurant Reviews, Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets, Chef Biographies, Health and Travel contribute to the Fun part of the site, so that there's something interesting and helpful to browse when you are not in the mood to cook!!

The Author
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am an Indian living in USA, and hence have the advantage of being exposed to several traditional and fusion styles of cooking. I think of myself as a "Self-proclaimed Expert Chef", who dreams of having her own restaurant some day. I live with my family and work as a Software Engineer(yeah, need a stable job to pay all the bills, you know!). I manage this site to cater to my passion for cooking good food, and to help others do the same. Besides Cooking, I enjoy travelling, adventure sports, reading, writing and singing. I happen to be a Featured Publisher on "FoodBuzz", "Well-Fed Network", and also write free-lance articles every now and then. So if you are in need of a food writer(check out my restaurant reviews), Contact Me

Advertising and Sponsorship - For product reviews related to this site's content, just send me a word and I'll write about it if it grabs my attention. For advertisements, sponsorships, donations, or freelancing assignments, please submit the Contact form with your offers and details. This site receives high-quality traffic and I take extreme care to maintain the quality of the content. I reserve the right to reject any request that does not meet the standards.

Copyright and Disclaimer - All content, text and photographs are copyright of Fun and Food, unless otherwise noted. Please contact me for permission to reproduce any content. The recipes, reviews and articles published here are solely my own views, and may not match yours! Please use them as a reference and make your own decision.

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