Friday, July 27, 2007

Avocado - Good or Bad???

Eating a Veggie Delight at Subway is part of my staple diet, and most of the times I get tempted to add some avocado onto it, but I hold myself back thinking its a very high-calorie food....Anyways, I've heard so many positives and negatives about this interesting fruit that its hard to catgorise it as Good or Bad. I set out to explore that thin grey line and this is what I found. Though high in calories, avocado has a lot of health benefits to offer. Plus, it is way more healthier than the mayonnaise or ranch that you put on your sandwiches or use as salad dressings. So ake a quick look at the good and bad facts of an avocado.

One medium-sized avocado contains a little more than 300 calories, most of them coming from Fats (77% Fat, 19% Carbs, 4% Proteins) This definitely sets you to say NO to frequent helpings, but there's more to this fruit than what meets the eye. Here's a detailed pros-cons list to help you decide better.

The Goods:

Low in Cholesterol
Low in Sodium
High in Vitamins C, E and K
High in dietery Fiber and Folates
Most of the fat is mono or poly-saturated improving ration of good vs bad HDL
Good source of potassium, phosphorous
Acts as an anti-oxidant
Great taste and texture

The Bads:

High caloric value
High in saturated fats omega-3 and omega-6

I have to thank a lot of people and their inputs in compiling this list, but its a good estimate of the general consensus for this fruit. So it looks like the Good outweighs the Bad by far, yet there was a time when the Bad, which are major points for people who aim to remain fit and agile, prevented a lot of individuals from picking up this pear-shaped fruit from the rack. But majority of nutritionists agree that "Avocados add great variety to a well balanced, low-fat diet, but you have to eat them in moderation." Overall, avocado is considered a complete food, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calories and fiber with no cholesterol and no sodium.

Its a recommended substitute for the mayonnaise that goes on my subway, so I'm all for spreading a quarter of an avocado (about 55 cal) on my sub 2 days a week. That sounds like a balanced intake, right? What do you have to say???

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